Monday, December 6, 2010

Finals :\

Finals are here, papers seem endless and time is of the essence
Fortunately, I have only half procrastinated this semester
English- 3 days to finish the last couple pages of the six total, then revise, revise, and revise
Math- 9 days to finish homework, take third exam and study for final
History- 9 days to study hard for the final test.  Hopefully a little easier than the midterm
Eastern Religions- 3 days but great news here, my teacher said I can do it on my beliefs!!
What I've written in this blog alone will be about half, and the rest I can post on here as well.
This will be my only fun final :)

With the finish line in sight, I'm finding it easier to sit down, focus, and give it my all!!!

Wish me luck, I may need it more than I think


  1. Good luck Devin! Study hard, but don't over do it! Take some time to relax too!

  2. This is my first Christmas in three years without finals--no wonder I feel so light! Good luck-sounds like you are ready!

  3. Ohh devin i'm feeling the same way as you. Can't wait to celebrate with endless rounds of bananagrams when we are both finally done! :)))