Monday, December 6, 2010

Finals :\

Finals are here, papers seem endless and time is of the essence
Fortunately, I have only half procrastinated this semester
English- 3 days to finish the last couple pages of the six total, then revise, revise, and revise
Math- 9 days to finish homework, take third exam and study for final
History- 9 days to study hard for the final test.  Hopefully a little easier than the midterm
Eastern Religions- 3 days but great news here, my teacher said I can do it on my beliefs!!
What I've written in this blog alone will be about half, and the rest I can post on here as well.
This will be my only fun final :)

With the finish line in sight, I'm finding it easier to sit down, focus, and give it my all!!!

Wish me luck, I may need it more than I think

Friday, December 3, 2010

I only want to live in peace

To those it concerns. The reason I wrote this blog was to get my beliefs out so others can understand what and why I believe the way I do. I feel that some people have read my posts and still severely misunderstand. I have my beliefs and just like yours, they aren't going to be easily changed. I know that people only want the best for me and mean well, but I hate the arguing/preaching that has come from this. I am grateful for any comments, but please don't simply preach in them (thats what your own blogs for). I constantly try to keep my mind open to new possibilities and I want this blog and reflect that.

If you find it impossible not to preach to me, send an email.
Although, it will be a fruitless attempt if conversion is in mind.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


The best part of the day where I can refresh my thoughts and replenish my energy

It's what keeps me in balance 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Increasing Complexities?

Some people find confusion and complexities in finding or faithfully living many religions. Religion truly should be a clear and simplistic subject, possibly even natural, when viewed with just the basic beliefs that many religions started with and grew from. Of course all religions added to this base belief over the years where they saw it beneficial in keeping up with modernizing society and increasing their numbers. It blows my mind what all current Christian religions I have studied now believe and teach. It has become increasingly complex and confusing to the point that you must devote yourself to the study of a single religion for long periods of time to truly understand everything they believe.

It's hard not to at least consider the possibility that these religions have created complexities and more information in order to be considered a greater holder of truth. Also, increased complexities lead to a more confused population; confusion is not a comfortable state for people to live in so it causes many to cling onto a religion just to find some sort of clarity. This could very well be yet another hidden agenda.

Maybe thats why I agree substantially more with eastern philosophies. For thousands of years they have retained there simple basic beliefs. New philosophers have added information claiming to their own work, leaving all other texts and beliefs unharmed by increasing human imperfections (this doesn't work in religions because new beliefs need to come directly from god). I believe that eastern philosophies (in particular Taoism) now contain the most truth of all living religions. Having new beliefs simply added to their pool of knowledge, rather than suffering from increased complexities caused by religions attempting to change beliefs in order to serve a changing society. These new changes cover up the simple necessary beliefs with new complex ones.

All religions should take the advice of my blog name, reverting back to the simplest truest original beliefs and LET IT BE

Too late now though


Since yet another misconception has already been assumed, I'm clearing it up now before it's repeated. I have been asked if I got the information for my blog off the internet, adjusting and summarizing the plagiarized material. The answer is unsurprisingly NO. Believe it or not, I am very capable of independent thought. I have written my blog by staring for hours at text documents and typing this from my own thoughts and beliefs. No outside source has been used to gain information to increase this blog in anyway. Everything is simply written the way I perceive it to be.

The Black and the White

From my understanding, every great being who started any one of the earlier stated (previous post) religions simply taught being an overall good person and contributing to society. How many (western) religions have accomplished blowing this simplistic basic belief up to substantial and miraculous sized religions is far beyond the reaches of my own logic. Over many years it seems to have become a race in the western world of which group can build the most successful religion. Many of which use missionaries to convert and teaching techniques feeding on guilt and creating a fear of leaving. It's way too common for these religions to completely focus on the differences of each other and rarely state the beliefs they have in common. These religions have become very black and white. To say a specific religion is 100% correct and that to join any other would risk your place in heaven is completely absurd, especially since many believe in similar concepts of how to live and be (ultimately what matters). If not all, almost every western religion believes the world and everything in it to be imperfect. If that is true, then how is a perfectly true church supposed to exist untouched by mans imperfections and often corruptness?

Although, these religions pride themselves as being substantially different it doesn't matter which one you choose to attend because the end result is always the same, based solely on your accumulated karma. I believe one of the true answers to religion is learning to be your natural, true-self because humans are inherently good (evidence of this is children). My experience of living this way has helped me obtain clarity, comfort, deeper and more blissful meditation, and it has most importantly given me a greater and more sensitive feeling of my own powerful energy that is connected to every living plant, creature, human, God and even the universe (the energy I am referring to is what others may call the spirit, Christs light or unconditional love).

Basic Beliefs

I am a sort of Non-theist (at least that's what I call myself), believing there is a God that put this world into motion but doesn't interfere nearly as much as many people believe. The reason we are on this earth is to be ourselves and accomplish what good we can with this little time. Since elementary school I have always believed that all religions lead to God, but it took a long time to discern why. It really doesn't matter to God what religion you are, he just simply wants to see you flourish into a good productive citizen that loves and helps others.

The following religions are ones I have studied and obtained sufficient knowledge of to the point that I can comfortably discuss and refer to individually: Latter Day Saints, Christian, Muslim, Sikhism, Hinduism, Jainism, and Shinto. Also, the main eastern philosophies that some consider religions: Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism (I find these three philosophies teach the most similar concepts to what I believe). Including anything else that provides guidance on the path to heaven. The reason it doesn't matter what religion you are is because as long as you love and be your inner child (true self), have good ethics and moral code, love and accept everyone you come in contact with, live in the moment because the past and future don't matter (they only exist in your mind), and most importantly live life daily to the fullest of your ability with no regrets. Simply put as; being an overall good/loving person to yourself and extending this love and goodness you create to all people; including family, society, country, and world.